Friend name and bugfix shame

So.. you can name your friend now!

Changelog 23-25/3


  • Fixed bug with dog shaders when invulnerable

  • Added new healthbar to friend

  • Fixed exp-bar graphical bug

  • Added new healthbar to zombie and changed zombie healthbar color to differentiate it from friend

  • New temporary button design


  • Added a whole bunch of indoor item sprites (just props, not interactible)

  • Added ability to write custom neighbour dialogues and set them inactive with script

  • Player feedback on dog crit (Good dog!)

  • Esc now cancels FriendSelect and moves player back to main menu

  • Friend naming!

  • Game over screen fixed with new buttons and added load autosave

  • KEY_ENTER on name input now changes focus to New game button

  • New friend passive indicator (just text)