Story mockup and structure cleanup

Last week I’ve spent most of the time trying to write down the story and cleaning up my project structure. Not much to say really, just some warnings.. working in Godot is new to me, this is my first project ever in this engine and I’ve learned some stuff lately.

So.. background time (just project structure though).. I have a base scene called “World_base” from which I instance child scenes to create the world, this way every scene I have get access to all tilemaps easily and when I add a new one I can just double back through my old scenes and it’s automatically there already and I can just start painting in the tiles.

Then yesterday I got sick of the structure, all tilemaps were just laying around with no organization what so ever, so I created a regular Node and moved them to the Node, which I then renamed “Tilemaps”…

And all my maps are now empty except for the objects. But this was honestly fine, I hadn’t spent much time on that stuff (level/map building) anyway (just a couple of hours).. but it got me thinking, am I really doing this right?

So right now I’m just trying out different scene structures and doing some research so this doesn’t happen again.