New pixelated crops and squared experience flops

I’ve desperately been trying to figure out a good amount of exp needed/gained from mobs in order to level… even though that may not be what I should be focusing on. But it was fun. At least now I know how other games do, which I can’t use because I don’t intend the player to ever go beyond level 20 – probably not even 10.. but why use a leveling system then? Because I made one? Do the player need a certain level to go to a certain area because I want to introduce them to that area later?

I got some thinking to do..

On the other hand.. I made a small python program to visualize the exp-curve using matplotlib.

My leveling is currently based on fibonacci until level 10, then I just add a set amount for each level which is slightly more than the exp needed from 9 to 10… honestly.. it’s good enough. I spent several evenings researching how to improve this even though there’s no need to. But it was interesting at least.

Found a really interesting article on the topic too:

An interesting thing I found out btw: Pokémon level up at different rates, some pokémon have a (close to) cubed experience curve while other have a more erratic curve.

Changelog 6-10/3

  • Worked on some pixel art crops (corn plants, pumkins, carrots)

  • Been researching leveling systems