Incoherent conversations and rework of foundations

A lot of small fixes has been done, but nothing major. The most interesting thing is that I came up with a fun idea of having thin walls in some buildings, where if there’s neighbours I’ll add a “NeighborTalk”-node to the scene which will create incoherent or hard to read text with some custom bbcode/rich text scripts.

Changelog 16-20/3


  • More folder structure changes, added “DEMO” as it’s own folder which I later can use to place scenes which I intend to use in the demo.

  • Started a mock-up of a new UI


  • New main screen, interactive one had to go (only basic layout so far, black bg and simple buttons)

  • Cleaned up FriendSelect-scene (new “New game”-button and grab_focus when selecting friend)

  • Changed back some fonts to original one

  • PoC on “inside building”-scene layout

    • Garbled words spoken on the other side of the walls (Custom BBCode text effects)

    • Player can see the insides of other buildings, but darkened the outside of the current building and not gonna show npc’s, only furniture and such


  • Finished up zombie changes (setup inclues gender, zombie sounds are based on zombie gender instead of sprite)

  • Changed Friend to have a base scene with all different looks inherited as their own scenes

  • Added crit chance to friend (1/64 chance to double dmg)

  • Cleaned up some scenes and folders

  • Character movement speed adjusted

  • Bugfixes and improvements (closing dialogue with Esc, text above npc/door not hiding properly, etc)

  • MainMenu background

  • New exp bar graphics