Folder structure and mental rupture

I’ve spent the last three weeks painting crops which will be used in maybe two scenes and researching leveling systems which I’ve found too complex or needing a higher level than I’ve been planning in order to be useful/fun. Maybe it’s time to focus again on the more important parts?

It’s soon time for me to start focusing in on making a playable demo, but first I need to finalize what’s supposed to be in the demo and what the point of the demo is.

Changelog 15/3

  • Worked on some more pixel art crops

  • Finished Dog 3.0 sprite selection

  • Changed some folder structures re: friends/dogs

  • Added a lot of the crops I made to the game (Corn (plant), Pumpkin, Tomato (plant), Tomato, Rotten tomato, Seedling)

  • Moved “FriendSelect” from “Test”-folder to “Menus” and added it as new scene when choosing “New game”

  • Started a mock-up of a new UI