Dog sounds and preventing out-of-bounds

So I’ve continued my work on cleaning up the node structures and also the file structures, which has made a lot of stuff crash which I’ve also then fixed – which may or may not have led to further crashes… but now it’s done! I got a base world scene that I can inherit stuff from, I’ve made a lot of tilesets inherited from this base scene and I’ve made a lot of specific tilesets (town, forest) their own scenes which I then can include where it’s needed.

I’ve also actually began working on the world again, the main street of the town is taking shape. A lot of details are missing, but the general map-layout is coming along nicely. I’ve started painting with broad strokes and will fill in the details later.

Also.. sounds!

Changelog 17-18/2

  • A lot of structure and fixes to scenes

  • Small bugfixes due to scene changes

  • Added quit-button to pause-screen

  • Door sounds

  • Dog-friend: attack sound and hurt sound (when life lost)

  • Started working on main street scenes