Colorful flies and spawning demise

First of all, I made a discord server:

Some changes I made today had some weird side effects which I had not encountered earlier:

  • Node ‘./Camera2D’ was modified from inside an instance, but it has vanished.

This means that a node was modified from the scene it’s inherited from (the base scene) and this can be fixed by just going into the file which triggers the “error” (not really a error though, more like “info” or “warning”) and re-saving it. So I have a scene called “World_base” which all my playable scenes (not menus) inherits with a bunch of stuff already set up. Today (as of writing) I changed how the camera works and changed that the player is spawned through code instead of a node in the editor, which made me encounter this warning.

In order to fix this, I just had to go through all my “world” scenes and hit ctrl+s to re-save them.

Changelog 28-30/3


  • Bugfix friend didn’t stay passive when changing scenes

  • Added some stuff to FriendSelect-scene (It’s dangerous to go alone…)


  • Fixed coloring on some crops

  • Added some basic animated flies as a scene I easily can re-use

  • Changed player spawning a bit

    • Removed the player node from the base world-scene.

    • Now I’m adding the player through script instead of as a node

    • Added a “player coin” which will show (in debug) where the player spawned in the instance and show the initial spawn location of the player, this to make it easier to plan

    • Removed the camera from the main world-scene and added it to the player

    • Added CameraLimit node with TopLeft- and BottomRight-nodes which the camera will read to see the limits