More dogs and new jobs

I’ve started remaking the dog again.. for the second time. So soon (maybe) we’ll see a Dog 3.0 before I’ve even made a playable demo to test if the game is even remotely fun. So yeah.. priorities..

Also I’ve started painting some pixel art again (was a looong time ago since I did that). Made some UI stuff and started making some resources that I feel are missing from the sprite set that I bought.

Development slowed down greatly due to me getting a new job which means I’ve been spending about 3h extra each day traveling to and from work – my last job was completely remote/working from home. Takes some getting used to..

Changelog 19-27/2

  • Started work on Dog 3.0 (sprite selection)

  • Painted some UI stuff

  • Continued work on Dog 3.0 (sprite selection)

  • More zombie sprites

  • Small work on town, some structural changes to base_world-scene (added static assets node and map exit-parent to better organize)

  • Dog 3.0 passive mode maybe almost done?