Refactoring and meandering

3 – 6 / feb

Most of this time was spent on refactoring the code for the zombies and the dog. For example: instead of having to code in a health bar on every new entity I create I’ve made it its own instance which can be re-used as needed.

Also I had some problems with how Godot handles dictionaries when you copy them (they only reference them and don’t clone them), fortunately I wasn’t the first one to have this problem and found that they’ve already implemented a really good function to help out with this:

zombies = DefaultValues.zombies.duplicate(true)

The “duplicate” function is a built in function on dicts which when sent the “true” parameter not only clones them, but deep-clones them so all the recurring dicts inside the target dict also gets cloned properly.

I got some new ideas about how I want to display the dialogue, which I will try out. Probably just hide the portrait and only show the name. Still unsure how I want it.

The main (graphical) things to show:

  • Autosave visualization

  • Continued working on the dialogue mechanics/functions

Some other stuff:

  • Bugfix: Zombie and Dog no longer turns around when knockbacked

  • Bugfix: added default value to zombie sprite name

  • BGM and SFX (mostly temp)