Digging through git and getting a hang of it

A quick recap of what I’ve done so far and the dates.. I’ve written down some stuff while developing and some stuff I had to dig through the commit messages to figure out, some stuff I still don’t know what I meant by.. but I’m leaving them in.

This was the first month of coding the game, I started early january by doing tutorials and figuring out how everything should come together. I had never touched Godot before, but I’ve worked with similiar frameworks (not games though, just software and web dev stuff). After following Heartbeast ARPG-tutorial I had gotten a grasp on the basics and after a few days searching through my humble bundles for a nice graphic-set I started to make my own thing.

This is what I’ve managed to do during January:


  • Started working on the game for real


  • Friend became a dog


  • Added zombie

  • Changed player attack to “arrow-signal”


  • Added leveling


  • Added pause-feature

  • Added passive regeneration for friend-dog

  • Experience gain-effect


  • Game icon

  • Lots of focus on sprites and new assets


  • Powerups don’t respawn


  • Zombie corpse-mechanic

  • Animated doors that transition players


  • Lots of new sprites => assets for the city

  • Game over screen

  • Zombies can have set sprites

  • NPC are in the world, and recognize the player when they move close

  • Improved save/loading with autosave for continue if player dies


  • More levels, few bugfixes, started on autosave